Hi! I'm Kaela! K'La Straps is my accidental business that organically grew from my passion of music, fashion, and love for design. While touring as an Artist, I started making K'LA Straps on my tiny kitchen floor for myself. My house at the time, was all carpet and my kitchen floor was the only working space I had available!  I was frequently performing for the USMC at different base camps all over the country. I wanted something that reflected my personality (super sparkly and bold), however I also wanted it to show my U.S.A pride! My first strap I made was Red. I used it for a Christmas Show at Camp Pendleton. From there, I received several inquiries on my strap and fellow musicians started asking if I would make them one. By word of mouth, I was spending 20-30hours a week making straps (still on my kitchen floor) for local friends and customers. After a few months went by, I realized I found a whole new passion and decided to pursue K'LA Straps full time. I am still in the growing years with K'LA Straps, and I am completely grateful for all the support I have received since starting in 2014. 

(Photo with Just Dave Band & Kaela Kinney) 

Building the Brand:

 K'La Straps is a very small company still. After graduating from production on my kitchen floor (that only lasted a few months) I sought out several different manufacturers. I've worked with companies based in Canada, New York, and Atlanta, and Indianapolis. November 2016 was a huge change for K'LA Straps, and I made the decision to do all "in-house" manufacturing. We are sourcing everything from U.S.A, and the leather company I work with is a Father/Son local company based out of Carolina! Due to the quality of work, and my passion to source from the United States, we will never be able to offer bulk prices that our the same as mass oversea companies. However, I have been fortunate enough to travel across the states and check out several amazing Music Stores that are a perfect fit for the brand. 

My vision is to take K'La Straps into every music store across the United States. I want to bring the same quality of design that you see on TV, into your home. I want my brand to be couture, forward, comfortable, and affordable. Wouldn't we all love to afford a $1000 Crystal strap? Of course! Is that reality? Heck no! You don't need a million bucks to feel like a million bucks. Believing in yourself is the only place to start. If I can help add an extra sparkle to your already awesome show, thats what K'LA Straps wants to offer.